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"I would say the final strength of this tale, or rather series, is it's absolute uniqueness. There is nothing quite like it out there." ~Jonathan Maas, Author of Time Capsel.

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"The convolution here is wonderful - a futuristic setting, religious radicalism, a secret government plot, and the individual people—all painfully human—who make the story happen. Tapper has created an extremely intriguing world here and delivered the variety and uniqueness to give it life."  . . .

That being said, the star of the show here was Stacey Lind. She shows her seasoned skills as an actress as she performed across age, across gender, introduces a full world of accents, creates moments of intimacy and intrigue, moments of action and violence. 

                                             ~Audible Review


What would it feel like to be young again when you turn 60? Six members of the Vicious Circle, are returned to their physical prime with a gene therapy that will leave them young and beautiful for a century. They must negotiate the trials of love, relationships, and parenting in their renewed selves, all while hiding from the terrible truth about the cost of their new lives.

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