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Thrillers From The Future

A young scientist races to stop crimes against humanity

A man grieves his wife and his youth

A traveler finds his way to eternity

Dividing Achromatium, light micrograph of living cells during the division process_.jpg

“Tapper offers up a thrilling look into the inevitable sides of morality, scientific directive, and pursuing health to its extreme. His grasp of advanced medicine and people's wants and fears make for an incredible read.”
                                    ~Kristi Chadwick, Library Journal Indie Ebook Awards

"Reminiscent of the style of Philip K. Dick, The Vials of Our Wrath lures you into a polarized future that is eerily plausible where mankind stands on the brink of achieving immortality through medical science. The reader is compelled through a rich, layered story filled with dynamic characters-- you feel the depths of their compassion and the shallowness of their deceit. Fans of A. G. Riddle, would be sure to enjoy this premier title by Mark Leo Tapper that grips your imagination from the first page."

                               ~Amy J. Murphy, Dragon Award Finalist, Author of the Allies and Enemies series.

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