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Magical Realism for the Twenty-First Century



The Road to Damascus

Paul, discovers a baby in a dumpster. Against his better judgment, he adopts little Aurora, who, inexplicably, shares the knight-nurses’ magic powers. As Paul struggles to parent a sulky, magic-slinging teenager, he and his fellow knight-nurses face their biggest battle with the Returned in centuries. Despite his instinct to protect his daughter, Paul realizes that Aurora represents their greatest hope of victory.


A Singer of Thrace

Paul possesses one of the denizens of the Ether, a “cog,” in order to rescue Aurora and to find answers about the source of her power. He has to learn cogspeak—a dialect replete with corporate jargon—and discovers as much about his own prejudice as he does about the people of the Ether.

In The Wilds and Mountains I Hunt

All is not lost, and the betrayer becomes the one who must keep hope alive. The council tries to find its purpose again, to find a reason not to give up. The weariness of nine hundred years weighs heavily, but the world is counting on them.


But A Wandering Voice

The knights are caught flatfooted as the Returned defeat them in the press and on the campaign trail. Jude's previous lives haunt Paul, Thomas is in the ICU, and the CEO and greatest evil sorcerer of the Returned is running for president of the United States. Meanwhile, the mystery of Aurora's magic deepens, and doubt about her origins spreads among the council.

Between the Dragon and His Wrath

When Paul and Aurora returned from the Ether, they brought a deadly plague with them. Now the K-Nurses must find a way to comfort the sick as they flee from the forces array against them. Their duty to those suffering and their mandate to banish the Returned keep them Between the Dragon and His Wrath.


Literary Science Fiction from an Indie Author

The Concerto For Rachel in Three Movements


Movement One: Allegro Vivace

                         The Vials of Our Wrath

Movement Two: Moderato

                        My Sun Sets to Rise Again

Movement Three: Largo

                         By The Dead and Drowsy Fire

Sheet Music

Anders and the other Algonquians are getting used to their new bodies. To go from a sixty-year old form to the youthful health of Second Age is a monumental adjustment. But the genocidal masters of regeneration therapy have other plans. Anders must come to terms with the death of his wife, the transition to Second Age, and the insanity of the world around him.

In the halcyon days of the twenty-third century, human beings are healthier, more beautiful, and more long-lived than ever before thanks to regeneration therapy from the Global Health Directorate. The assassination of a Directorate scientist starts a catastrophic war between a corrupt bureaucracy and a group of self-mutilating religious fanatics determined to destroy regeneration therapy forever. Dr. Rosemary "Roger" Mitchell must find her way through the violence and chaos to save as many as she can.

Coming in 2023

Oberon McKay has lost track of his age with his centuries in space. As the Shamayim nears the end of its mission, he must finally decide if he truly wants to live forever.

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