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I love audiobooks. I have at least two going at all times. I listen while I’m doing dishes or cooking or driving or exercising. In my need for constant stimulation, I like having something to read when my hands are otherwise occupied. While I concede that the need for constant stimulation is an unfortunate symptom of life in the twenty-first century, books feel more virtuous than TikTok or TV. Yes, I am old.

When I started writing The Road to Damascus, I yearned (you heard me right) to hear my story told aloud. I have been a big fan of Phil Thron ever since I heard the Space Team series by Barry J. Hutchison. Barry was a traditionally published writer who went indie with Space Team and has a lot of interesting things to say about the traditional publishing industry. Phil made Barry’s humor and wit come to life. A book that’s supposed to be funny will die in audio unless the narrator has great comic timing. And Phil does. He turned Space Team into another medium, entirely distinct from the book.

Not surprisingly, Phil has narrated more than a hundred audiobooks, for all kinds of writers in a variety of genres, and he has worked with many independent authors, such as Roman Prokofiev and Ken Lozito. I thought of him as a rock star voice actor and therefore beyond my reach. I sent him an email, like a message in a bottle, cast into the sea. I was expecting an automated reply, but he answered my email himself. Turns out he’s a really nice guy and easy to work with. (The narrator for The Vials of Our Wrath, Stacey Lind, is the very definition of professional and easy to work with, so this was no small feat by Phil.)

The resulting audiobook is something I am proud of and thrilled to be bringing into the world. I’ve already listened to it twice. You should, too. It’s available on Audible now.


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