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You're good enough, you're smart enough, and you won the giveaway!

My Goodreads giveaway for The Road to Damascus is over. There were fifty luck winners from the 695(!) people who entered. All of the winners have been contacted, most befriended, and all appreciated.

If you’re one of those lucky readers, this post is for you. Write a review on Goodreads and get a paperback copy of the book sent to you free. If you post a review on both Goodreads and Amazon, you get the free paperback and a free e-book version of the second volume in the series, But A Wandering Voice

Give me a shout on Goodreads, or Twitter (@markleotapper) or Facebook, or Reddit (maliki_gandega).

You can find out about all of my books and learn how to join my mailing list at:


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