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nihil novi sub sole

The University of Central Florida mascot is Knightro, a knight in shining armor whose name is a pun for a substance that makes big booms. (He had a female sidekick named, Glycerin, no kidding.) While this kind of punditry is the same old college football fare, what make the UCF mascot so cool is that there is a nursing school, and on their alumni page . . .

Knights in Nursing!!



As it says in Ecclesiastes there’s nothing new under the sun. Before the Knights of the Order of St. John were a whisper in my head, UCF already had them. My Knight-Nurses wield magic and battle an evil corporation from another dimension, but these Knights in Nursing wield the knowledge, compassion, and courage of real-life nursing. Check them out.

And also, check out the first two volumes of The Knight-Nurses of the Order of St. John, available May 1. 2022.


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