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americans rootin' for Putin

The gullibility of Trump supporters and QAnon cultists is legendary, but still. Tens of millions of people in this country will believe anything, no matter how outrageous, ridiculous, or non-sensical, if the right person says it. Those people have reached a new low, and they are still digging: these are the Americans who support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia and China are allies now. All we need is Italy to throw in, and we’ve got Axis 2.0. And still, there are people in the United States of America who think Russia is the pinnacle of democracy.

Donald Trump is openly in Russia’s pocket, unambiguously in the thrall of a brutal dictator, a dictator with nuclear weapons, but he has the support of tens of millions of Americans. This is too outrageous for Looney Tunes, never mind the evening news. If I wrote this in a fantasy novel, the editors would tell me that no one would believe so outlandish a plot.

Rational people, the best of us, still want to have a dialogue with the right. There is no dialogue to have. These are people who will believe a semi-literate clown (pick one, there are many choices) that they should drink their own piss. You cannot have a dialogue with people who waited for JFK, Jr. to rise from the dead and lead the Republican Party.

In my novella, The Left Hand of God, I explore the idea of not taking the high road. It is the story of a group of fanatics who assassinate Nazis and Klansmen, who wreak bloody havoc on the worst of the far right. Butchery is always abhorrent, but what is the moral choice when the other side has no moral bottom?


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